Plate thickness

   Hi Everyone,
 I have a thought that I'd like to run by you all, the calculated skin
effect depth of penetration at 100 KHZ is about .011" in copper, if a
capacitor is built using .002"thick foil as plate material would it be
possible that since the foil is thinner than the depth of conduction at this
frequency there would be a loss of current discharge capability to due an
increase in the "RF" resistance? I would think that in order to obtain
maximum current capability at these low frequencies that plate material
should be thick. This is just something I`ve been thinking about, it is
obvious that foil capacitors work, I'm just thinking that a thin foil would
have the effect of increasing the effective ESR of the capacitor.
                               Any thoughts?
                               Mark Graalman  71612,1234-at-compuserve-dot-com