Re: Gratitude

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>Somewhere in the back of my mind lies ten years of resentment.
>Resentment for the historical treatment of Tesla, and resentment
>for the lack of practical coil building techniques available in
>the public domain. For a number of years I have been directing
>this negative energy in an effort to improve the situation. I
>wish that some knowledgeable person had existed and had taken the
>time to teach me about things Tesla when I first heard the name
>in high school. As a result I am really bothered when I see a
>genuinely earnest person, a person with a desire to learn, ask a
>question that goes unanswered. I feel that maybe I can help. I
>can't do much, but people have told me my efforts have not been
>in vain.
>Richard Quick


This is why the first coil I built in high school in 1965 didn't work very
well.  I was happy at the time but I had no idea how to tune it.  Neither
could I find any good books to help me.  Think about how many people in this
world are in the same place we were.  They don't know about this list and
can't find any good books.  -- i.e. how's your book coming?

Ed Sonderman