Re: Copper foil

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>Hi Ed,
>No, I never used copper foil.  If I said copper foil, I apologize.
>I did price it 
>once.  FORGET IT!  It is way too expensive.  The usage on copper foil is
>too low, so it 
>has a very high price.  It is cheaper to use aluminum, by far.  True, the
>copper is a better 
>conductor, but for the price, the aluminum is good enough for me.
>Scott Myers


How about if I drive the copper rods in, then dig down about a foot and use
1/2" copper water pipe flattened out on the ends to solder between all the
ground rods?  Then connect the ground system to the coil with the aluminum
roof flashing about 4" wide?  A couple of months ago I put in three new
copper gound rods and connected them with #6 bare copper house ground wire.
 This is multi-stranded and twisted cable.  I also use this to conncet to the
bottom of the secondary.  From what I have read, this is not good cable to
use. So - I am planning to put in a new system (this will be # 3)  with 4
rods in an 8' x 8' square pattern this spring.  I think I have a better place
to put them that is not quite so rocky.  I was thinking of burying the whole
ground system sprinkled with salt pelets like used in my water softner.  This
should enhance its operation for a while, but will it eventually cause it to
corode so it doesn't perform well after a few years?

Ed Sonderman