Re: HV Resistors


If you use resistors in this way to measure HVAC or HVDC (as I do as well) 
please BE VERY CAREFUL.  You are hooking up something from a death machine 
directly to your test equipment which you touch with your own conductive 
flesh.  Make sure the R from the HV is adequate to the task, especially with 
regard to voltage withstand.  You DEFINITELY do not want it arcing over.  Make 
sure the R to ground is VERY RELIABLE.  I use many 2-watt carbon comps in 
parallel to make an ultra-reliable resistor.  Remember:  Too much paranoia in 
this area is still not enough.


And I still touch the test equipment with HV rubber gloves.  Those electrons 
go everywhere ya know.


You wrote: 
>> In my never ending quest for components, I have come across some 
>> resistors.  These resistors were originally in a 30 KV DC power 
>>  They are 40 Megaohms( or was it 400) in value.  They were about 
>1/2" in 
>> diameter by 8" long.  I regret I didn't get them when I found them.  Can 
>> anyone think of a purpose that we might use these for?
>They could have been used as part of a voltage divider circuit to 
>monitor the high voltage.  I have some large resistors from an old xray 
>generator that were used for that purpose.
>Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)