Re: Bipolar Tesla Coil

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Quoting Marcus Young <E.Young-at-mailbox.uq.oz.au>:

 > If you build a centre driven coil [BIPOLAR], and cause the     
 > discharges to arc between the opposite ends of the coil, then
 > If you want them to arc together, well there are ways to       
 > accomplish this but the arc length will be limited by the      
 > physical length of the coil. 

This assumption was once a "given" fact in 1/4 wave Tesla
coiling, and has been since proven false. I respectfully submit
that properly designed bipolar coils are also capable of
exceeding these "limitations". Please expand on your references.

 > If you build a three coil magnifier system, it should be       
 > bossible to 'break' the coil in half end stand each upright,   
 > at either end of a centre driven RF transmition line. The      
 > centre tap and RF line would still be a 'tempting' point for   
 > the resonators' output to arc to, but it will go further still 
 > to find a 'real' earth!   

I find real innovation in this line of thought. This is an area
that is wide open to experimenters, yet few seem willing to step
in and fill the gaps with modern knowledge (read reproducible
experiments) on this subject. The key word here is experiment. 

Richard Quick

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