Re: Oven elements, and misc comment.


Teflon doesn't need to cold flow to loosen up.  Teflon has 1/100th the 
friction of wet soap.  I have a coil wound with 22awg teflon on a 
polyethylene barrel!  Try that for slippery.  We used an adhesive 
called "Goop" to hold the wire in place.  Basically the goop needs to 
surround the wire and mechanically hold it in place.  


The above coil still fell apart.


You wrote: 
>>From Richard Quick:
> The problem is the damned plastic is so slippery that the
>wire sags and falls off.
>Interesting.  I had the exact problem myself.  I thought it was the 
>coil form that I used shrank(dried out in the hot garage).  After 
>that you have the problem in MO, where it is not dry, I believe that 
>teflon cold flows so that the wire becomes loose.  I imagine that the 
>insulation flows out from under the wire, making the coil loosen up.
>This cold flowing may cause problems for a teflon coil form, 
>loosening up all the turns that were so lovingly placed upon it.