Re: transmul5454

> I'm setting up a system that is based on microwave oven 
> I read that they are supposed to be current limited but when I shorted 
> of mine out a 20A fuse blew.The units I came across were 2300v 
> using four transformers in an array similar to one published in TCBA 
> last year.I also plan on immersing them in oil to help fight arcing to 
> core.What do you think? 

That certainly won't hurt, but you will still have to be careful.  Each 
transformers' insulation is designed to work at 2300V RMS with some 
safety margin, but if you keep putting more and more in series to get 
higher voltages, eventually you're going to exceed the safety margin 
and the high voltage wire is going to arc over to the low voltage side of 

> Any upgrades? 

You might look around for 4000V or 5000V transformers.  That way you 
would only need to wire two in series to get your 8kV or 10kV.

> Do you think the same ballest for
> pole pigs is required for these as well? 

Yes, even though they may be "current limited", you will need 
ballasting to keep them from blowing breakers or shorting fuses 
(unless you have a 100 Amp circuit to devote to your activities).  If I 
remember correctly, I think the design in the TCBA newsletter used a 
bunch of microwave transformers in series on the HV side as ballast.

Enjoy, but just remember to keep one hand in your pocket :-)

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)