Re: Inductive ballast (Welders)

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> Subject: Inductive ballast (Welders)
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> Fellow coilers,
> Lincoln electric makes a welder that appears to be well suited
> for our purpose.  Model AC225C is a 225amp variable inductance
> welder that uses a threaded thermo-plastic rod to move the
> shunts.  I have not had the opportunity to try mine out yet,
> so first hand info on actual performance I cannot comment on.
> The price of these is fairly reasonable.  I bought mine on sale
> at home depot harware for 159.00 us.  Stripped from lincolns
> original cabinet I was disappointed to find aluminum windings,
> but the duty cycle is still 20% and when the core is mounted
> in my control cabinet with fans blowing on it, I would think
> that there will be no problems.  The big advantage appears to
> be that we could use this core to vary current without shutting
> down the power and a reasonable purchase price.
> Glenn

    This information is well timed for my own project.  The price 
looks pretty good too.  Gee, my wife's birthday was last week, 
otherwise maybe it would have been a perfect gift--maybe a 
second gift two weeks late?

Chuck Curran