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Re: Capacitors for coil
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He has 0.003 mfd, 30 kV Sprague doorknob capacitors for $4.95
each, which is an excellent buy in my opinion.  He calls them
"0.004 mfd", and that's what the label says, but they are really
closer to 0.003 mfd.  I'm using three of them now with a 3" by
16" coil close wound with #26 wire, topped with a 12" OD toroid
of 3" aluminum ducting, and fed with a 12 kV, 60 ma neon transformer.
Gap is 2" lengths of 1" water pipe, six mounted with axes parallel
and connected in series with total gap about 0.3".  I get sparks
between 20" and 24", depending on the phase of the moon, etc.
Ed Phillips