Re: mineral oil for caps

tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com wrote:
> Anyway, I can't seem to locate a source for the
> mineral oil, and was wondering if transformer oil would work as well.  Also,
> the xformer oil I found was available as "inhibited or uninhibited"...What
> does that mean? Which is better for this application?

Hi Ken,

Transformer oil IS the stuff to use.  Companies that make capacitors often use the same stuff.

As far as inhibited and unihibited goes, either is just fine for making capacitors.  Inhibited 
has additives that inhibit oxidation, bacterial and fungal growth, and foaming.  Uninhibited 
doesn't have these additives.  You will probably find that the oil that most dealers stock is the 
inhibited type.  It works fine.  One word of warning, this oil is hydroscopic, which means water 
absorbing.  Keep the container closed tightly.

Scott Myers