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> Subject: Copper foil
> Scotty Meyers,
> You mentioned in a recent post that you had used copper foil in building flat
> plate capacitors.  I am looking for some rolls of copper foil (probably more
> like copper flashing) 3" to 4" wide to solder my ground rods together and
> then to use as the main RF ground connection for the coil.  Where did you get
> this stuff?  I have bought the aluminum flashing at the hardware store for
> the rolled poly caps but have not seen the equivalent in copper.
> Ed Sonderman

Hi Ed,

No, I never used copper foil.  If I said copper foil, I apologize.  Although, I did price it 
once.  FORGET IT!  It is way too expensive.  The usage on copper foil is just too low, so it 
has a very high price.  It is cheaper to use aluminum, by far.  True, the copper is a better 
conductor, but for the price, the aluminum is good enough for me.

Scott Myers