Current limiting?

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> I have a number of smallish transformers which don't come with
> any current limiting on them. Now I hear of all sorts of 
> methods of doing this (oven  elements, welders, variable 
> inductances). Most of my transformers (don't laugh) push about
> 200W according to their spec. How is it best to current limit 
> these?

I don't know, I am just throwing this out. The surplus store
where I shop on occasion always has a good stock of audio load
resistors rated 8 ohms -at- 100 watts. These are nice looking units
with wrap around anodized aluminum heat sinks. They are priced
about a buck apiece. I would try placing two of these in

Thoughts anyone?

> And does the process of limiting the current cause a reduction
> in the peak voltage seen by the capacitor in the tank circuit? 

Yes, there is some voltage drop. The amount depends on the size
and type of the ballasting used.

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