Oven elements, and ...

Quoting (Chip Atkinson):

> I am building a power cabinet (still) and would like some input
> on the oven element resistors that people use.  In particular,
> are they placed in series with the arc welder, or are they in
> parallel?  The reason I ask is because I have gleaned 
> conflicting information. 

Place the elements in parallel with the welder. The reason that
resistive elements are important is that they smooth out the
inductive delay and the resultant "surging" in the control
circuits. Resistive elements work when placed in series with
inductance, but it dogs the coil out, and the response to the
controls remains poor even though the coil does not surge.

Placed in parallel, the coil has a smooth draw of current while
the inductors have a chance to energize. The coil responds
predictably and smoothly when starting, with plenty of power
available when you open the variacs up.

Richard Quick

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