Re: Homemade Plate Caps.

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>I started calculating the place capactiance I need.   Approxia.  0.0106uF 
>-at- 15kV RMS.   I have a sheet of polyethelene that is 10' x 100' 6 mil. 
>Does anyone know the Breakdown voltage per mil of this material. 
>I keep seeing different numbers.
>Matthew Klueppel
>Software & Electronics Engineer


I know that a rolled poly capacitor made with .062 polyethelene can withstand
10 to 12 kv when used in a Tesla primary.  I would guess that 6 mil being 10
times thinner would be good for about 1 kv.  But I do know  the voltage
breakdown goes up as the thickness of the material decreases.  This is
probably why commercial capacitors are made with thin dielectrics and then
stacked to get the required voltage.

Ed Sonderman