Re: List scope

>On the subject of the scope of this tesla list;  I have to concur with the
majority.  Let's keep 
>the Telsa list a Tesla list.  I find the discussion of other subjects and
HV in general 
>interesting, but we must keep within the bounds of the list, which is
Nikola Tesla and his 
>Getting off the subject is like going to a meeting that won't keep to its
agenda.  It gets 
>annoying and wastes time, which I must conserve anyway.  I must admit that
I too have "drifted" 
>off the subject too, and recently I might add.  It is all too easy to drift
into a "fringe" area. 
> I am glad to see that Chip has brought this up again.  It gave me a good
kick in the pants to 
>remind me of the purpose of this list.
>Everyone here knew what the list was about when they subscribed.  In
admitting that, we also 
>admit that we already agreed to stay within the bounds of discussion of
Nikola Tesla and his 
>inventions.  Even then, the area is quite large considering the number of
his inventions.  
>Remember, all that is HV is not Tesla.

I agree with Scott. At least keep it 'Tesla' stuff here. There are mailing lists
for 'unproven' physics. I must agree that when I signed up, I was interested
in all things Tesla..........but the topic DOES seem to be drifting. 

Thats my vote too.

ps. Van De Graph, 0 point E ect, just dont = TESLA!