Re: List scope

> To me sparks are sparks and HV is HV, and most of the guys I know
 > personally who have built or are building TC's also have done
 > work with various forms of electrostatic generators, so it
 > seemed to me to be a legitimate subject for discussion.  Have no
 > idea what it means to have this extra traffic on the list, but
 > would be interested in your views as a guide as to what is and
 > what is not extraneous noise.
 > Best regards,
 > Ed Phillips

>I'd prefer to keep the discussion limited to Tesla coils.  This
 >is a pretty broad subject as it is, with subjects ranging from 1/4
 >wave coils and magnifiers to theory and materials and a lot of
 >odds and ends in between.  Discussions of Tesla himself couldn't
 >be ruled out either. I'd prefer to keep it just Tesla and have
 >another list if there is enough demand for it.
 >_Mike McCarty

>I would like to see the subject matter remain on the topics of Tesla
 >coil theory, design, and construction.  I thought that that was the
 >list's focus.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Things have drifted so far off
 >course on both Tesla lists that I'm actually thinking of bailing.  If I
 >don't do my e-mail every day, I can easily be greeted by over 200
 >messages about scalar waves and the like.  I have to sift carefully
 >through it all to find my personal stuff.

I like HV and Vaccuum, but in respect to Mike, Mark and others, how about
keeping this list just Tesla and creating another "HV_not_Tesla". Later,
some offered to maintain it.

I do love a high signal to noise ratio, although I'm sometimes guilty of
lowering it myself.