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>    In lew of the present questions on what to allow into the list and what
>not, I agree that it is really up to Chip, but I do think that keeping the
>discussion on mainly Tesla coil design/construction would be best. If the
>scope gets too broad we may end up not giving justice to any of it.
>                               Mark Graalman  (WB8JKR)

This list has been very informative in its current form.  I have been very
impressed by the quality HV questions and answers directly related to the
"nuts and bolts" of tesla coil design and theory.  Lets leave the subjects of
anti-gravity, perpetural motion machines, alien abductions, etc., and other
non-coil talk to be explored on future episodes of the  "X-Files"

Eric Davis
High School Technology Teacher

[Again, you'll _never_ see that on this list, no matter how far we stray
 off topic -- Chip ]