Pig coiling

I finally found a pole pig (7kVA, 20kVAC, 180kg) and some basic
questions that need verification arose:

Where do people ground the casing of the xformer? I read from the archives
that RQ states to use RF-ground (why?) but what do others think - my
friend here in Finland stated the opposite..

One does connect the external current-limiting before the variac,
aka between mains and variac, not between variac and xformer, right?

about magnifiers: I've read from RQs messages that primary and secondary
should have resonant frequencies in 1:2 ratio (about) but why is this? As
the primary to secondary transformation is not resonant but just a RF
air-core xformer I'd presume that one wants the resonant transformers NOT
to match and thus something like 1:4.5 or less would sound practical and
would drop the ratio of secondary to tertiary inductance as well while
allowing practical physical designs.. 


  Kristian Ukkonen.