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 ><big snip here>
 >    X1                                           
 >    ||O--------------------------------nnnnnnnn--TO-TANK-CIRCUIT->
 >    ||O            |             |        RF1
 >    ||O         ------- BC1      |                                  
 >---O||O         -------          |
 >   O||O            |             *
 >   O||O--GRND------|-----GRND----* SG                             
 >   O||O            |             * 
 >---O||O         -------          |
 >    ||O         ------- BC2      |                              
 >    ||O            |             |        RF2                 
 >    ||O--------------------------------uuuuuuuu--TO-TANK-CIRCUIT->

 MR> Hello Richard,
 MR> Richard Hull advocates using a single bypass capacitor (or
 MR> multiple in series as needed) between the two HV leads of the
 MR> transformer.  Other components remain the same.  He does not ground 
 MR> the center point as you do. Any advantages?  It seems to me your 
 MR> method is probably more advisable since it would better trap RF 
 MR> kickback if one of the RF chokes shorts out (arcs to the ferrite 
 MR> core, like one of mine did!). 

This really depends on the type of step-up configuration used. I wire
both ways: with the bypass ungrounded where the HV secondary is not
center tapped; and grounded when using neons or other center tap grnded
step-up xfmrs.

 MR> Hope your new house details settle out soon.  

HA! I am sitting in my new office right now! Still a lot of unpacking
and wiring to do!!!!

 MR> Would like to share some comments on primaries/coupling some 
 MR> time in the future.

This would be my pleasure.

Richard Quick

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