Re: Carter 1 hp ac/dc

You wrote: 

The posts that are "kitty corner" from each other make a pair.
       +/        |  ac
       /         |
       |         |
       |         |
    ac |_________| -

Run out of a variac into the 2 ac leads then out of the dc
leads to your motor.


>I got one o those carter motors, and a bridge rectifier, but need to 
>how to wire the rect. it looks like this...
>                                            ______
>                                   +       /  _   |   
>                                          |    - ?|
>                                          |       |
>                                 ac       |_______|  
> the cut-off corner (upper left ) says +
>and the bottom left terminal says ac...I don't know if pic will prnt 
>but from the bottom, the top left term. is plus, and the term. under 
it is
>ac...Just guessin' I'd say the upper right is neg.? It's a cheap part, 
but I
>don't wanna waste it guessin', when some of you guys know already..
>btw I found some hi-Q minerl oil...thanx for re's. Read ya later!