Re: Filtering on Neons

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>	You are correct about the construction techniques needed
>to handle high voltage across chokes used to protect neon (or
>any other) transformers.  My thought at the moment is to use
>long coils on 1/2" by 8" ferrite rods, with lots of turns of
>closewound enameled wire.  Think will provide the inductance and
>the high voltage insulation, while enough turns will take care
>of core saturation.  Have been looking at the local stock here
>and intend to give it a try when time permits.  As far as the
>voltage is concerned, I think a long winding will work OK, but
>want to check it out because ferrite has a very high dielectric
>constant and there may be unexpected problems because of that.
>Ed Phillips
Regarding ferrite filters:
        I have experienced arcing between the windings and the toroidal core
of ferrite chokes I have wound.  The arcing was observed when the capacitor
was placed across the transformer.  (Now I have the spark gap across the
transformer.)  I also now wind my chokes using liberal amounts of "hot glue"
(polyethylene) to provide additional insulation.  I haven't tried the long
sticks of ferrite.  Just my two cents worth.
Mark S. Rzeszotarski, Ph.D.