Re: Condenser Products capacitor performance

                    === WAY TO GO SCOTT!! ===

Your performance is excellent for 1300 watts.  Did you actually measure the input power to be sure 
of the efficiency you're getting?  Don't just take the transformer nameplate's word for it.  I await 
the result of your capacitor/primary experiments to come.  Congratulations again on a job well done!



>After making several runs with smaller toroids and trying different coupling heights, I have 
>gotten as much as 4.5' discharges to a ground point.  The free-air streamers are about 4'.  I am 
>tuned all the way out to the end of the 13 turns of the primary.  I need to make a larger toroid 
>to see if this can be improved without the addition of more power.  Based on my previous 
>experiences and others observations, the efficiency seems very high.  It calculates out to 300 VA 
>per foot of spark.  I suspect I am at or very near the maximum discharge length for this level of 
>input power.  I was pleasantly surprized by the results of this preliminary set-up.  I would 
>guess that I am approaching the level of diminishing returns on this size coil.  I will add more 
>power at a later date, as I have to move some items in my garage to allow longer free air sparks.
> Scott Myers