Condenser Products capacitor

Scott Said:
 >After reading the following excerpt from a recent post, I thought I would
>give a report on the first firing of my new .025 uF, 20 KV RMS commercial
>pulse discharge capacitors.
 >  The initial tests were outstanding.

I'd said:

>> ........I just finished blowing 2 caps in my TC primary last night.

He then ruined my "hole" pocket book.  Waaaaa!

>I have gotten as much as 4.5' discharges to a ground point.  The free-air
>streamers are about 4'.

        Great job, I'm waiting for a catalog and specs on your caps from
Condenser Products.

        What type of homebrew caps were you using before? and what size of
discharges did you get with them? Feel free to answer after you business
trip is over.