new subscriber

Hi all

Just thought i'd drop in a quick intro of myself as a new subscriber. 

My name is Ian and i live in Aberdeen, Scotland although i origionally came from
a small town about 24 miles north of Birmingham, England. I am 31 years old and 
have been working in the telecomunications industry since i left school at 16.

I dont know when my facination for high voltages started, but i remember rigging
up an old car coil and trembler with a battery in my school bag when i was about
nine years old and giving a few of my school mates a suprise in the playground.

Since then my career, untill the microwave stage, was surrounded by high
voltages and rf currents which regularly decided not to go where wanted with 
somtimes quite spectacular results and such things as mercury arc rectifiers 
and ignitrons which were very interesting to watch.

One day we were given a sales pitch by a company selling high voltage insulators
and was shown some photographs of their test facillity, the pride of place being
a tesla coil for high pressure testing of insulators and transformer bushings.
since that day it has always been in the back of my mind to build one, but not 
untill i happened across a collection of articles from richard quick could i
any practical information and since this time (around nov 1995) i have been
planning my coil. Unfortunataly up here in scotland the parts aren't easy to
come by so progress is slow to date.

I recognise some names here from the tesla-at-usa-dot-net listserve who may have
already seen some of my posts but due to the recent unreliability of the server
and the large amount of QRM on the list i have subscribed here. 

I have a few questions on homemade capacitors i'd like to ask and some queries
on xformer filtering and the possible winding of my own, but i'll leave
these for 
another evening.  
Ian Hopley ---->  i_hopley-at-wintermute.co.uk