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At 09:34 AM 2/27/96 +0700, Richard Quick wrote:

>Quoting Tim Chandler <tchand-at-slip-dot-net>:


>Not a problem. The thicker builds on these gauge wires don't look
>to be a problem. The insulation values and low dissipation
>factors make the tradeoff against lost inductance to be quite
>attractive. When you have completed winding the coil you will of
>course look for a premier coating to finish this coil off.

I have went ahead and wound a new 6" using a quad build Imideze.  When completed
I am going to compare it against my other 6" which is using Belden Heavy-Armored
Poly-Thermaleze.  Should make for an interesting experiment.  Will keep posted..

As for the premier coating, I am going to be using an insulating varnish
from EIS, it's specs are as follows:

601 Red Insulating Varnish

(a) dries in 60 min.
(b) abrasion and wear resistant
(c) high-arc resistance
(d) non-tracking properties
(e) dielectric strength up to 2100 V/mil
(f) used for motor windings and transformers

I have used this stuff before and have no complaints with it.  It is easy to
apply (comes in a spray can) and dries fast.  It is extremly durable and gives
the coil a smart appearence after it is finished.  The dielectric srength of
this stuff is exceptional, never had any breakdowns with stuff.

I order directly from EIS but I am sure it can be found else where.  I usually
by 1 case (12 cans) at about $2.50(usd) per can.



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