Re: tesla secondaries/locomotive wire

Hi all,
       At the risk of being a pain, I want to add a note, and ask
a question....

> >In fact, what you want to find is the self resonant frequency of the coil.
> >This includes the distributed capacity of the windings. Forget about lumped 
> L,
> >these puppies are slow wave helical resonators.
>     Just so.  However this touches on a theoretical point that has been
>     rattling thru my mind:
>         What if one so manages the secondary (tertiary, if used?)
>         design so that the distributed L/Distributed C AND THE
>         helical resonator mode are the same??

I have a friend in Britain (with whom I'vve temporarily lost touch)
who is looking at EXACTLY that approach. He has sent me some notes
which I have yet to study. May have a post on this later.

>     Are there inefficiencies assocaited with having two resonant 
> freqs?  It seems there might, but i am speculating...

In the one resonator (i.e. secondary alone)? I don't think you can.
What my friend is looking at is matching the velocity corrected wire-
length to the distributed L and C.

>     My (sideline) understanding is that 'helical resonator' 
> approach gets closer than 'distributed l/c approach'. 

Could you elaborate on this for me please? (e.g. closer to what?)