Re: Primary interference

>>Ed Sonderman said,
>I would like to mount the Condenser Products capacitor directly to the bottom
>side of the plywood that the primary is mounted on.  It would be out near the
>edge and since the primary slopes up at 30 degrees, it would be about 6 or 7
>inches below turns 12 - 14.  Is this too close?
Ed,     the Condenser Products Corp. data sheets for their TSB caps has the
following cautions:

        1.      Wall insulation is rated at 300 volts per mill. Wall
thickness on units with 3" O.D. or less is                 1/8". Wall
thickness on units of 3 1/4" O.D. and up is 1/4" (typical). Precaution must
be taken                 when mounting to insure proper insulation. Units
may be operated in any position.

        2.      Studs should not be used to support the weight of the
capacitor. A strap or cable tie is                 recommended

        3.      Air bubbles may be audible when unit is handled.