Re: Primary Scoping

>	Think you need to look into the SHUNT CAPACITANCE of those
>transorbs before you go much further.  Whatever divider you set
>up needs to be frequency compensated or the results won't be
>meaningful.  By the way, if you are looking at the primary you
>don't need anywhere near that high a resistance, which might make
>the job a lot easier.  In any event, if you make such a setup you
>need to make sure that what you measure is just due to current
>flowing in the voltage divider, and not effects of the spark
>Ed Phillips
        they have 100pF for the unidirectional versions. I use them at work
to ESD harden 1Mhz and 2.49Mhz communciations lines. Ah ha, 100pF at 200K =>
8K ohms reactance. I'd better lower the divider impeadance.

        since then I've look at my primary and secondary by using a 12" wire
antennae. I may not bother with the divider network.