Neon protection

Hello, I have a qustion that maybe someone can help me with: What are the
values for the RF inductors and caps in the filtering circuit to protect a
neon? I have been using a 7500V 30mA, but obtained a 9000V 60mA only to have
one side of the high voltage burnout. In all eight years I have had the 7500V
neon I had no problem with it, being used in a standard T-coil or in a Fee 
Resonator. Only one day with the 9000V, well after
getting >2' disharge to air (From my Resonator), it went! I can get more 
neons, but at $45 each I do not want kill it so soon. It may have been a bad 
X-former already, I don't know. I can get another 9KV 60mA or 12KV 60mA or 
15KV 60mA, all at $45 (US). The higher voltages sound good but I am concerned 
about cap ratings and primary to secondary breakdown. Any help is, Well to 
say the least, needed.

David Trimmell