Re: TC Inductance Formulas...

Hi Tim,

Frankly I am a little baffled as to why you need to know the secondary 
inductance to 8 significant figures.  The exact value is actually rather 
meaningless because a Tesla coil does not act like a bulk inductor in 
parallel with a bulk capacitor.  The L and C are distributed and vary with 
location up and down the coil.  The coil looks more like a coil at the 
bottom, gradually changing more into a capacitor as it works its way to the 
top.  The top few turns don't look like turns as much as they look like metal 
hanging out there.  So you see, the inductance measurement is approximate at 
best and should only be used for relative comparisons of one coil with 

>I personally like the most exact inductance calculation I can get, but my
>problem is that out of 7 different formulas I have used to calculate the
>inductance of the secondary, only six are even near close to one another
>(one is completely off at about 23mH while the others range from 26mH to
>29mH).  Here is what I have calculated using the different formulas (i1) - 


>Any suggestions or comments...