Re: Cap Prices

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996 09:31:02 +0700 you wrote:

>I recently decoded the uuencoded photos sent...Thanks!
>In photo "mn03.gif" I see what I think is the spark gap assembly that is
>listed in the  sources post (c/o Richard and Chip)...
>I posted a question as to where this assembly came from and if anyone had
>used it..it looks nice..but my "sources" post is unclesr as to where you
>can get it.  It gives the "Miller" part numbers and prices..is this stuff
>you can buy at any Welding supply house?
>Also any comments on it's performance would be greatly apprciated.
>Robert DelBueno

Welding supply house is correct.  Miller is the brand that the welding
guy happened to look up when I was describing what I was looking for. 
I was working from a tip that a friend of mine gave me.  I imagine
that most welder manufacturers have something similar.  I have to
admit that I have no idea what these are used for in a welder.  I did
not bother to ask.  They have worked quite well for me on my 120ma
worth of neons.  

If I buy these again I probably will not buy the porcelain bases.  I
thought of a way to mount the aluminum holders directly to bus bars
that would have no problem handling the current involved.  The holders
are the most expensive part, though.  Some ingenuity could save some
money there.  The tungsten faced slugs are pretty low maintenance.  I
have not sanded them once in the year that I have had them.  That is
not to say that they might not need it.

Mark R. Napier