Re: Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

This transformer is rated 12kv -at- .5a
I have the welder in full shunt (min current).  Don't have any
meters hooked up yet so can't say what the numbers are.
I did open up my gaps (6 tubes = 5 gaps about .020 ea) and now getting
breakout of about 2'.  My gaps are now boxed (crudely but effectivly)
and well vaccumed.  No rotary yet.  My pole pig is in the shed for now.
The problem now is that the sparks are erratic.  When I first turn
on the power, they really crack out but then fade.  I turn the variac
down and then back up, and they come alive again for a second before
fading out.  Sumptin's still outa whack here. (My wife says its me :->


>What is the voltage and current rating of the transformer?  Are you 
now using
>a rotary gap?  When I first tried to fire my coil with the new pole 
>(after running with 12kv, 120ma neons) I could not even get the same
>performance that I had with the neons.  My static gaps were not 
quenching all
>the current supplied by the pole pig and would essentially keep the 
>voltage of the pig clamped at a low value.  I built a rotary (now 
operated in
>series with a static gap) and have good performance.  Good quenching 
of the
>Ed Sonderman