Re: Removing Inductive Shunts from Neons

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Ed , Jim and others interested,

> >        By the way, the resistance of a batch of six Franceformer
> >12 kV, 60 ma transformers (60 cycles, not 50) which I measured over
> >the weekend was 5200 ohms (5.2k), not 32 k.  Something wrong with
> >your transformer??????????????


> >        By the way, during experiments with the latter transformer/
> >capacitor combination I tried increasing the primary voltage from
> >zero with a variac, with the idea of making the measurements at
> >lower voltage where I could use my regular AC voltmeter.  I 
> >that at some primary voltage around 30 there was a sudden increase
> >in output voltage, no doubt due to change in inductance of the
> >transformer, resulting in a near-resonant condition.  I wrecked a
> >perfectly good Simpson 260 VOM finding that out!
> >Keep us informed,
> >Ed Phillips

I measured mine again last night. About 5k also. I think I must have 
been regurgitating the 32k as a result of the Q measurement which
was definitely about 6. You must be right - there is some non-
linearity going on there. However, I still think the resonant 
frequency method of determining Xl is valid. Forget the Q measurement.