Re: Rotary Sparkgap

>Hi everybody,
>              I measured my 12kV 60mA neon into a short circuit at 
>58mA. The limiting is almost entirely inductive Xl about 200kOhm,
>Rdc about 30kOhm. Phase angle around 80 degrees.
        I haven't digested all of your post from yesterday yet, so I haven't
responded to it yet. But today I did call magnacraft (old Jefferson
Electric) to ask about their Neon transformers. Their product specialist
said that you could treat the neon as a perfect transformer in series with a
large inductance for "DC" only. It will not resonate as if it had a 637H
inductor in series with it, to use your numbers from yesterday. So I guess
we don't have to wory about the current of a series resonant circuit going
to 360ma or the voltage going to 36KV.

If I remember correctly, the leakage inductance of a transformer is measured
by shorting the secondary and then measuring the inductance of the primary.
If you have an inductance bridge available (I don't) could you measure your
transformer, primary, secondary, and leakage? It would help some of
us-old-stumbling-EEs to get back to first principals;)

                                thank you