>I have 2 12KV transformers.  They are about 2.5' cubed and filled with oil.  I 
>have been able to tell the output voltage by placing 10VAC on the input and 
>measured 1200VAC on the output.  The tricky part is how to tell what the power 
>rating is.  There is no indication of who made them or any stickers or
plates on 
>them of any kind.
>Does anyone have any ideas on a semi-easy way to tell what the maximum safe 
>power output of the transformers are?
>	 -Dan
I was going to say, run them with a load untill the steady state temperature
reached say 140f or 40c and call that the output power. But at 1' x 1' x
2.5' that's pole pig country, say 10KW, and not easily loadable. Some of the
more experienced coilers may have a closer answer for you.