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Quoting Tim Chandler <tchand-at-slip-dot-net>:

 >> I currently have enought of both, Heavy build and Triple      
 >> build Imideze, to wind my 12" coil form, problem is which one 
 >> to use??? Tim

 >If it were me I would use the heavy build. You did not post the
 >actual thickness of the build, which probably would be more
 >helpful than breakdown voltage. Excessive insulation thickness
 >will affect the inductance per unit volume in the construction.

 >Richard Quick

> Opps, here is a more complete list of the specifications on the
> Imideze magnet  wire as I got them from PHELPS DODGE:

... edited much valuable & detailed material on magnet wire

> I guess my real question would be, Would the thicker build of 
> the Triple and Quandruple Imideze adversly effect the 
> performance of the secondary coil?  Even in close winding the 
> magnet wire you are left with a seperation (spacing) of ( 2 * 
> total build of the wire ) from conductor turn to conductor 
> turn. Would this amount of spacing between the turns in the 
> secondary coil reduce it's  effeciency significantly?

Not a problem. The thicker builds on these gauge wires don't look
to be a problem. The insulation values and low dissipation
factors make the tradeoff against lost inductance to be quite
attractive. When you have completed winding the coil you will of
course look for a premier coating to finish this coil off.

Richard Quick

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