TC powered live kirlian viewer

To all:
        I am new to thig group. I have experimented and built a few TCs. I
got an idea one day, while I was playing with a salt water capacitor.
        I took two 8x10" glass panes. I mounted them together, face to face,
separated by 1/8". I put a thin wire in the space between the panes that
protruded out of the edge about 6". I then sealed three sides around with
silicone. I mounted this in a frame to make it stand up vertically by itself.
I then filled the gap between the panes with salt water. I then sealed the
4th side with silicone, leaving a small breather hole.
        Attach the wire to the output of a LOW POWERED tesla coil that you
know is safe to play with. Before you turn it on, make sure that you put
your hand against one side of the glass assembly. This will prevent coronas
from eminating from the thing. 
        When you turn the TC on, you will be able to view a "live" version
of kirlian type electrical discharges from your hand, by looking at it from
the opposite side. You will experience only a little tingle. Good for hours
of fun!         Make sure you turn it off BEFORE taking your hand away from
the glass. If you dont, a discharge will shoot out and zap your hand. 
        I have also made a kirlian camara using the Low powered TC. I use
polaroid 600 film for instant pictures. Very good results. Just keep fingers
away from the metal edges of the film when in use.

Craig Bratcher