The Tesla Group

Dear Tesla Group,

My name is Jeff Parisse and I would like more information on becoming a 
participant in your group. The enclosed photo (JPEG Format) depicts a 
coil that I constructed five years ago. This coil achieved a spark 
length of 64 before overwhelming and burning out one of the 
transformers. I am now in the process of having the coil shipped to my 
home in Southern California with the hopes of  rebuilding it and fitting 
it to a 5kVA pole transformer (with some help of course).

I have just rejoined the T.C.B.A. and have received help in the past 
from Jim Roddy (Waldorf,MD) and Richard Hull (Richmond, VA).

Jeff W. Parisse
Digital Design Laboratories

[ The photo will be coming soon...
  Chip ]
----- End Included Message -----