Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

Fellow spoolers...

Today was spent setting up the 6kva Thorardson transformer on
my coil that was previously driven with a 15kv 30ma neon quite
sucessfully.  I could not get a breakout with this new setup no
matter what I tried.  The florescent lamps above the coil lit up 
brighter than ever, but no breakout.  I did draw the most active
spark ever to date by placing a wooden handled ice scraper about
a foot away from the torroid.  With all that energy, I cannot belive 
that there was no breakout.  Hopefully the "bathtub" learing curve
rule is in effect and lessons learned will be fruitful in short
order.  I did discover that the Thorardson is not current limited.
The welder was necessary and quite effective.  Valuable lessons 
learned there.  Spark gaps were improved and fired quite activly
and sharply.

Tomorrow is another day