Re: Another Capacitor Order?


>This may be premature. We just unpacked our capacitor order
>that was done through Scott Myers, but I am getting a lot
>of inquiries again about Tesla capacitance. If there is an 
>interest in placing another capacitor order with Condenser
>Products let me know.

Well, Ime interested in a pair of TC104-21-300 caps(or better) for a high 
power equidrive tank. I know the cost ($345US)... Could CP be lobbyed for
.15uF'sat 10KV?? This shoud reduce the price fractionally, but a bulk order
mightprove even better. I personally think CP should produce a larger range 
of 10KV caps, for equidrive systems.

Yep, Ime interested in a pair of 10KV-at-.1-.015uF caps for my 'should seal the
deal soon' 20KVA pig.