Re: Primary Coil...

Hi People,

>I don't think any reasonably priced wire is going to offer the
>efficiency, ease of use, and good looks of a well constructed 
>copper pipe or strap primary coil.

I might just add that for a small primary it could be even more cost 
effective to use some surplus or second hand coaxial cable. Its important
to use only the types with an outer foil sheild for good skin effect....
Avoid braided sheild. 'Heliax' cable is an even better coax which has a solid 
copper sheild. Its too evpensive to by new, but its a name to keep an eye out
for if you can get some cheap. Make freinds with someone at a local TV station.
Its truly amazing some the things that the larger networks just throw in the
garbage..While Ime on coax I may as well mention some triaxial cable or 'triax'
I got from a TV station. This stuff has an extra heavily silver tinned core,
which would make a pretty high Q winding for a secondary or tertiary coil.
I only scavanged a 50m peice, which is a little short for my needs..BUT,it
didnt cost me a cent.  

In my primaries I've use heavy-PVC sleeved Copper water pipe, but on future
primarieswill change to a HDPE sleeving. 'Poly pipe'  micro-irrigation tube
is a verycheap sleeving material. Plastic sleevings are not as beautifull as
bare copper, but Ive never had a 'flashover' since.