Re: PC board Capacitors


>I'm still argueing with myself over wether to build a oil and film cap or
 >order one from Condenser Products.
 >I can tell you though, don't was your time with doorknob caps and 14 gage
 >primaries! 4" sparks vs. 12" with dc rated caps and 1/4 copper tubeing
 >primary. I can't wait to see what length sparks I'll get with a real pulse
 >rated cap.
 >                        jim

>Well, Jim, don't toss out all door knob caps!  I just completed a big cap
 >using 15 .003 ufd 30 kv door knob caps split into two banks and I'm getting
 >42 inch sparks, and I have not yet tweeked out the tuning on this coil yet!
 >Large door knob caps in oil are working just fine for me.


        I've only got one 1800pf doorknob, which I'm using for filtering.
When I priced doorknobs locally, I could order a Condenser Products cap for
about $100 more. Tonight I'm going to build a 5nf cap using 0.090"
polyethylene planters and increase the inductance of my TC primary and see
how that works.