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>Well, I have my primary cap and spark gap mounted as close to the 
>primary as I can get them (less than two feet of connecting pipe).
>However, they are to the side, not below. I think that if the 
>capacitor is small relative to the primary coil, what you propose 
>should be OK. I would expect the capacitor to have more effect on
>the secondary than the primary. Also, is there a possibility of 
>flashovers through the top plate?


The primary is wound on acrylic forms which are glued to a .25" thick acrylic
base.  I would guess the first turn of the primary is probably at least 1.0"
from the plywood and that is through the .25" acrylic base.  I would mount
the capacitor under the top plywood plate down a few inches. I have the
moveable tap connected to the capacitor and moving it up like this will
considerably shorten it.  It must be 36" long right now.  I have also
considered cutting out areas of the plywood and the acrylic base so the tap
can be brought straight up from underneath instead of having to come up and
wrap around the outside edges of the plywood.

Ed Sonderman