Re: Filter Torroids Question

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>The torroids from Hosfelt arrived today (item T-250-B).
>My question is, has there been a discussion or consensus
>over what type of wire to wind these with?
>Without a lot of thought, I fit 20 turns of 12ga solid
>THHN house wire on one of them before realizing that the
>wire is only rated at 600v.  If anyone wants to know,
>this measured out at exactly 80uh with the LCR meter.

You used the same wire that I did with my toroids although I measured mine at
650 and 700 microheneries.  We need to wind these with many more turns of
smaller wire - like 16 or 18 gauge.  The goal is to get up to 4 to 6 mh.  The
voltage rating of the wire should not be a problem since the delta voltage
between adjacent turns is very small.  You should wrap the toroid core with
some insulating tape before winding the wire on however.

Ed Sonderman