Bad Day -at- Coil Corral....

Quoting Glenn:

> Today was spent setting up the 6kva Thorardson transformer on
> my coil that was previously driven with a 15kv 30ma neon quite
> sucessfully.  I could not get a breakout with this new setup no
> matter what I tried.  The florescent lamps above the coil lit 
> up brighter than ever, but no breakout.  I did draw the most 
> active spark ever to date by placing a wooden handled ice 
> scraper about a foot away from the torroid.  With all that 
> energy, I cannot belive that there was no breakout.  Hopefully
> the "bathtub" learing curve rule is in effect and lessons 
> learned will be fruitful in short order.  I did discover that 
> the Thorardson is not current limited.

Then the gaps did not quench well enough to deliver the peak
power required to produce the spark. It is very difficult to get 
a static gap system capable of quenching an externally ballasted
transformer. Air blast gaps are the only static gaps that I have
seen capable of making a decent break on externally limited

Richard Quick

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