Tungsten/Steel Electrodes

Quoting coco-at-astroman-dot-com (Robert DelBueno):

> I recently decoded the uuencoded photos sent...Thanks!
> In photo "mn03.gif" I see what I think is the spark gap 
> assembly that is listed in the sources post (c/o Richard and 
> Chip)... I posted a question as to where this assembly came 
> from and if anyone had used it..it looks nice..but my "sources"
> post is unclesr as to where you can get it.  It gives the 
> "Miller" part numbers and prices..is this stuff you can buy at
> any Welding supply house?

Yeah, any decent sized welding supply house can order, or will
stock, tungsten on steel slug electrodes. Miller is not the only
manufacturer using them.

> Also any comments on it's performance would be greatly 
> apprciated.

Not bad with a good design. They take plenty of abuse and are
easily (and fairly cheaply) replaced.

Richard Quick

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