Re: Neon pricing

>Sounds like a good system, especially with the new gaps.  I would say you are
>right about on track with 20" discharges at 450 watts input.  This is 271
>watts per foot of spark.  When I was still using neons, I got 34" with 12kv
>60 ma in which is 254 watts per foot of spark.
>You are right to worry about blowing your cap with 15kv.  I am convinced
>these .062 poly rolled caps can only be used safely up to 9 or 10 kv.  I was
>using one capacitor, 12 kv 120ma and getting 50" discharges for about one
>minute and blew the capacitor.  Then I ordered a commercial cap and tried to
>hold the voltage down on the last cap until the commercial cap arrived and
>blew it also at about 10 or 12kv.
>You mentioned you primary was sitting on the garage floor.  You should sit it
>up on something about two feet above the cement.
>Ed Sonderman
Thank you Ed,
                I ordered 2 sheets of 0.030" poly today and I should have an
0.090" cap this weekend. I also ordered 10 of the 2" torroid cores mentioned
earlier. I'm heating up my 1800pf doorknob with the small RFI choke I'm
using now, I notice about a 1' difference in the air discharge length with
and without the doorknob in circuit: my RFI choke is to low a value. 

I'm waiting to see if uncle sam gets my money or if Condenser Products gets
it. I haven't done my taxes yet:(

My coil is now about 1' off the floor, but that only leaves 2.5' between the
top of the torroid and the bottom of the garage door(when open). I've stoped
mumbling, MORE POWER, around the house now and instead I wisper, more room:)