Re: Neon Xfmr Pricing

>>From DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com Tue Feb 20 20:14 MST 1996
>From: DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com

>>I called an owner of a neon sign shop I know and he
>>wanted $30 for a used 15KV 60ma transformer.
>>                        jim
>I recently picked up 6 15kv 30ma neon's for $50, not  sure when I will
>implement them, but I am a hopeless packrat. If you could afford it, I
>recommend picking all of them up. Who knows, when you are retired you may
>make a tesla coil for all the grandkids!
>                                 Kevin M. Conkey
        Monday I went to the sign shop to pick up the neon. He took it out,
check it, I handed him $40. I didn't have change, he didn't have change. I
asked him how much 15Kv wire I could get to $10. He pointed to to his scrap
bin and said with a smile: all you can carry! I didn't, only 60 or 70 feet.
On my way out I asked him if he had any bad xformers. he call 2 of his crew
over ... I walked out with 2 15KV 60ma and 1 15Kv 30ma xformers and wire.
When I got home all three xformers check out GOOD! Since then, a friend at
work gave me 2 1000watt metal halogen lighting xformers, which are shunt
limited just like a neon. I've gone from 0KV to many in three days, and from
inches spark to 2' streamers on my TC. Now all I have to do is get a bigger
box for all my xformers. I used to have 2 or so cubic feet of low power
transformers, but the neons just wiped out that volumn. Pack rat heaven!