Re: Secondary Winding Done

Before getting started on your gaps, it would be worth your while
to look into a vaccuume gap type arrangement.  Richard Q's video
shows considerable gains to be had with a V-gap system.  I have
done some experiments with the V-gap and certainly agree that 
performance is improved with this type of arrangement. Quenching
the arc and pulling the ionized air away is the key to good gaps.
I can forward you a scan of Scotty's vaccuume gap if you like.
The picture is pretty much self explainatory.  I have not done
any posting of scans to the group here because I am limited to
how much data I can import into the body of a message (and multi
part postings are a drag).  I can send you the scan as an attachment
if you have the capability for that type of messaging.


>I am making my spark gap from the same 6" acrylic cylinder stock, with 
>diameter hard copper tubing for the electrodes and a muffin fan for 
>I'm tempted to mount a vacuum motor on top instead.  The clear acrylic
>will allow checking the spark action in the gap.  It should look 
>in operation.
>Don Froula