Re: Plate thickness

Mark Graalman said,

> I have a thought that I'd like to run by you all, the calculated skin
 >effect depth of penetration at 100 KHZ is about .011" in copper, if a
 >capacitor is built using .002"thick foil as plate material would it be
 >possible that since the foil is thinner than the depth of conduction at
>this frequency there would be a loss of current discharge capability to due
>an increase in the "RF" resistance?

I was going to say: at work we use a spayed copper conductive paint for ESD
protection, it runs 25-150 miliohms per square sheet resistivity at 0.002"
thickness (depending on type) and 1oz. copper PCB foil about 2-3 miliohms
per square. At this level of resistance you are just not wasting copper.

But then I releazed, I don't remember what happens when the conductor is
thinner than the skin effect.

                Any RF engineers out there? fred-at-triumf? ed-at-alumni?